PT. NTP Energy Solutions

NTP is a Jakarta based energy “solutions” and “services” company with focus on Energy Saving equipments, Process equipments, Power Plants and Utility side of various Industries. Founded by a team of highly experienced technical professionals, our motto is nature friendly technology and perfection in services. We have a wide range of solution portfolio and services for various industries and our approach guided by “Customer Satisfaction” as our ultimate goal. We work to have long term partnerships with our clients and thus a major portion of our resouces are focussed on “On time Services” and “Reducing downtime” of machinery / equipments. As a result NTP has an outstanding track record of repeat clients.

Vapor Absorption Chillers

An energy efficient heat recovery based cooling technology with Thermax being a leading company in world offering this technology.

Boilers & Thermal Oil Heaters

Boilers, Hot Water Generators, Thermal Oil Heaters for various process industries using atll kinds of fuels. Oil fired , Gas Fired, Solid Fired (Coal , Biomass)

Sugar Machinery

As authorized retainer of ThyssenKrupp Industries India
( TKII ), NTP offers a comprehensive range of sugar machinery and equipments to the Sugar Mills